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Alexander Construction Central Limited is an independent company, in which ACL Group Holdings Ltd (Napier) is a 50% shareholder.

Murray Sneddon and Carl McKnight hold the balance of the shares.  These two guys form a dynamic management team, who have played major roles in some of the central North Island’s largest and most diverse building contracts through their tenure with Mainzeal.

They have had senior roles in the construction industry in Palmerston North for a combined tenure of nearly seventy years.  As a team Murray & Carl have developed sound and proven management skills and are held in high regard by the local industry.

ACL Group Holdings Ltd (Napier based shareholder), has a track record that spans over 70 years.  They provide HR support and administrative resources that include software systems, accounting, and Health and Safety Systems, as well as enabling access to plant and machinery by the Palmerston North operation.


Founded in Napier by Ralph Alexander in 1947, Alexander Construction is a company built on strong values and a tradition of quality, honesty, integrity and hard work. In 1949, Ralph was joined by younger brother Cedric, and trading as RG & C Alexander the two would play a significant role in the region’s housing development, commercial and industrial construction for the next 50 years.

Mark Hamilton, Managing Director of Alexander Construction Limited talks about the company, its values, their client focus and some key projects.

The company logged its 10,000th project in August 2012.  Projects ranged in size over the years, from very small (less than $100) to large ($22,600,000).

You will find a small selection of these projects profiled on at www.alexanderconstruction.co.nz

In 2003 the business was restructured into Alexander Construction Company Limited with Mark Hamilton at the helm.

Six key employees became shareholders of the business in 2009, enhancing the company’s depth of understanding and self-awareness across all areas of its operations.

Today, the fundamental values instilled by Ralph and Cedric still form the basis of a strong culture which extends to our staff, subcontractors, consultants and clients and instilled in all our operating divisions.

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