Commercial Building

About This Project


The significance of this project was the complexity of the structural works and undertaken while the building was tenanted with operating businesses.

Project Brief

This project demonstrates our ability to carry out major construction alteration and seismic strengthening works in an existing high rise building that is currently occupied by commercial businesses.  One of the tenants is Worksafe NZ.

The building has 12-stories and we carried out seismic strengthening works to 6 of the floors.  This involved 8 reinforced sprayed concrete shear walls on each level.  The work was very intrusive in the various tenancies as well potentially messy (Drilling, coring, sprayed concrete) and noisy.  4 shear walls on each level were inside access/egress stairways and the existing lift shaft. An extensive amount of co-ordination and protection of existing surfaces was required.

Part of the work involved the relocation of services affected by the works and also removal and reinstatement of timber framed and lined walls. This project also included the construction of temporary premises to relocate some tenants during the major works in their tenancy.  Following this there was a general upgrade of the ground floor tenancy for future space rental.  Two floors are also having some acoustic works carried out to the office areas.


Seismic Upgrade,
65 Rangitikei Street


From 18th August 2014
– 11th March 2015

Construction Value:


Seismic Upgrade