Green Building

Alexander Construction are committed to sustainable green-building procedures.

Alexander Construction supports and encourages the Greenstar principles in the design and construction of buildings. In particular, we promote the following aspects:

  • Construction waste minimisation
  • Elimination, or if elimination is not possible, control of hazardous materials during construction
  • Reuse of existing surplus materials where practical
  • Use of materials that carry a low environmental impact such as alternatives in timber, applied coatings, plastics, insulation, concrete, steel and floor coverings
  • Membership of the NZ Green Building Council.

In the design stage, we introduce our clients to the principles of sustainable building and assist with the design process to ensure a minimum 3-star rating.

During construction, we offer sustainable building practices as a standard clause. We will eliminate recyclable waste being taken to the landfill through separation of cardboard, paper, plastics, steel, untreated timber, treated timber, concrete and glass. The staff and subcontractors of Alexander Construction are trained in effective waste management systems through signage, tool-box meetings, formal subcontract acceptance letters and individual briefings for those responsible for site cleaning.


Top – Taradale Public Library

Bottom – Opus Office Building, Ahuriri

Alexander - Taradale Library
Alexander - OPUS office building
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